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The base material for wood briquetts is always wood sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, wood chips, etc.
Briquettes are increasingly employed in all types of wood-fired heating.
Don’t contains chemical binders or additives and are free of impurities are produced by pressing sawdust. During the process of molding, resin and wood lignin existing functions as a binder, thus creating a wood briquette compact, with high calorific value.
RUF model wood briquetts (square shape)- high density
PINY KAY wood briquettes with hole (shape: hexagonal / cylinders) -high density
CILINDRICAL Wood briquettes without hole (shape: cylindrical) - Mechanical pressure / high density
Household use:
  • Thermal gasification and simple
  • Wood boilers
  • Stoves
  • Fireplaces
Industrial use:
  • Pizza ovens and furnaces for bread
  • Greenhouses and greenhouses of flowers and vegetables
  • In smoked for smoking meat, fish, cheese, etc.
Wood briquettes exist in various forms: Cylindrical (mechanical or hydraulic pressed), rectangular (RUF model), tetragonal and hexagonal and octagonal (PINY KAY model)
Wood briquettes without hole cylindrical model (cylindrical) - Mechanical pressure / high density
Burning Instructions:
For households, put 2 to 3 briquettes combustion chamber and light up like firewood .. Burning require more air, indicated that all valves are open until briquettes burning flame. If not enough air, incomplete combustion process can result in black smoke and strong odor, which produces soot deposits ..while burning briquettes increase their volume, it is advisable to fully charge the combustion chamber.
For industrial consumers (large furnaces, boilers large, etc.) are used as directed or as using firewood and coal. It emphasized that sawdust briquettes produced by mechanical pressing are superior to those produced by hydraulic pressing. To obtain lighters by mechanical pressing, pressing force of rumegusulu is very high compared with sawdust briquettes hydraulic pressing, where pressing force is low, so the density is low and can easily turn into dust